I am NEVER without these products for my horse and dog especially if the dog gets hit by a skunk...these products do just about everything. We have saved a ton in vet bills! Love them
Sam Carter
I bought the product in one of fair in washington in first i have doubt but when i try out it was awesome my dog have allergy every time I took him a bath he always itch but when i try the antimicrobial dog wash it was awesome he didnt itch at all i love the product ...this is the best product i recommend anyone who have problem to any skin problem thank you for such a best product
Thank You!!
My order arrived yesterday, and I really appreciate such prompt service.

I have been using your products for several years and find them quite effective. I always like to keep a fresh bottle on hand in case we get into a spell of wet weather. A little spritz every couple of days works wonders keeping thrush at bay.

My farrier really likes the White Line formula, too, and has recommended it to a couple of his clients.

Thanks again, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday weekend!

Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth I.
We have been using your products for as long as I can remember.
Used to have a horse that was allergic to every thing, and your
products did not break him out.
Think we use just about everything we can get from your company.
Great stuff, even use it on ourselves.
Thank you Catherine
I just wanted to tell you how well this worked on my dog. She had been
chewing and biting on her foot and up leg for a couple of years. I tried a
lot of things. Lately I bought your spray and wound lotion at a dog show.
In one month her foot is healed and she stopped chewing it. I used a cone
on her at the same time but in past as soon as that came off she was back to
chewing. Now she is out of cone and leaving it alone. Great product.
Roiland Rottweilers.com. Becky Roiland
Becky Roiland, Roiland Rottweilers
I have been a customer for many years, using the body wash, Thrush Relief, blue spray and Wound Relief on all of my animals. I even use some of the products on myself and my family. But, my daughter's dog had recently developed a hot spot. (He is sensitive to the seasonal environment) Well, I ordered a new bottle of the Antimicrobial Spray, since I had run out, and applied it to the hot spot. Within the same day, he stopped chewing and it wasn't bothering him anymore. Two days later and it's completely gone! I LOVE my Equine Elite products!!!! Thank you!
Lori Wright
My terrier mix dog suffered from chewing his feet until at times they became bloody. After many tirips to the vet for perscription creams and many over the counter creams, my daughter in law introduced me to the Canine Relief Antimicrobial spray. This works! Rusty no longer suffers from sore itchy feet. When they start to bother him I immediately spray the area and the problem is gone.

I discovered these equine products after years of my horse being treated for scratches by a vet. The condition only worsened and we fought to complete treatment. I finally gave up in tears, then while looking for a natural option I found the spray and wound lotion. Now I keep a stock and use these products regularly for horses, dogs yes and even me on cuts and scrapes. No stinging and instant relief, followed by rapid healing.
Sally Bardossy
Equine Relief Antimicrobial Body Wash quickly eliminated a very bad case of fungus

"Our top Cutting Stallion developed a girth itch that we couldn't relieve. We saw that Equine Elite Labs had a product developed for this type of problem. We had tried everything that we could find to rid our stallion of his itch & fungus... then we tried your Equine Antimicrobial Body Wash.. and the itching and fungus were relieved almost immediately! We washed the cinches in the Body Wash... and continued using the Body Wash on a daily basis just to make sure the problem was gone... to our surprise, the fungus and itch never returned on our stallion!

We had another horse that was constantly bothered by scratches on his legs. We used your Rain Rot Relief on her.... and the scratches went away after two applications! We love the products and recommend them to every horse owner!"
(Colorado Stallion Owner)
Colorado stallion owner, Penrose, CO
(*note: We were contacted after "Zea" had a "Rescued" horse introduce a fungus to her ranch. Her stud horse contracted the fungus on his flanks and it traveled up his neck to his face. It had advanced to the point that it was blistering and bleeding. Needless to say Zea was extremely concerned!)

"UPS just delivered the BODY WASH today! ... I immediately (after taking a skin sample for my Vet) washed my boy on the affected areas. The interesting thing was how he reacted.... on previous washings, it was sensitive and became more unpleasant for me working the areas over. Well, this time, he relaxed right down and actually enjoyed the soothing from the product is all I can put it down to. The areas felt softer to me afterwards, too. I did not wash it all off. I look forward to washing him repeatedly today. I LOVE your philosophy about animals... it's true. (*note: We told Zea that we're trying to keep our prices as low as possible in an attempt to help as many animals as possible!) ...... yours, Sincerely, Zea "

(Oregon Stallion Owner continued)
"I truely think the Body Wash has helped my stallion tremendously. In 3 days, the fungus on his face disappeared and the festering section on his neck/main line has reduced the inflamed redness... the dead skin is peeling off.. but the hair is remaining there. Even my husband, who is theeeee most skeptical person alive is impressed with your product. We did not put him on any antibiotics or anything.

Thank you for your concern and follow up. I will spread the word on your products... Luv, Zea"
Zea, Oregon stallion owner
Equine Relief Antimicrobial Body Washed stopped severe itching immediately

"My friend's filly had rubbed herself raw! Nothing he tried stopped her from itching! We used your Antimicrobial Body Wash for horses and the itching stopped Immediately! Her hair is already growing back!!

The vet said "Whatever you're using, DON'T STOP!""
Lucia R. , KS
Lucia R., Kansas
".. the problem (fungus) seemed to go away over night!"

"I came across your products quite by accident, not knowing that your company is fairly new to the horse industry. After talking to you on the phone and explaining what problems I was having with my horses, I purchased your products and used them as instructed. I was amazed at how fast the products worked on them!

The Equine Relief Antimicrobial Body Wash relieved the constant itch that one of my horses was having and left his skin soft and the hair shiny. We also had a fungus problem with another horse and what seemed to be a dry skin problem. Considering how dry it is here in Colorado, I used your product on this animal also. The problem seemed to go away over night!

Thank you for your assistance and for the wonderful products. I am looking forward to trying your other products and they are a joy to use. By the way, our Veterinarian is very impressed with your products also...... Sincerely, Bob. XRL Paint Horses"
Bob, XRL Paint Horses, Colorado
"When I washed him (itching horse) in the Equine Relief Antimicrobial Body Wash, he let out a sigh! .. it was INSTANT!"

"Thank You, thank you, thank you for your wonderful products! My horse is a happy camper again! As I had explained to you, I had problems with my horse's skin. He was constantly scratching on trees, fence posts and ME! He itched even worse when he was bathed... and he never stood still when I washed him.

When I washed him in your Equine Relief Antimicrobial Body Wash.... I had to laugh... he stood so still... and let out a sigh as if to say "aaahhhhh"... like he couldn't believe he had actually quit itching!! I couldn't believe that it was INSTANT! HE'S LIKE A DIFFERENT HORSE NOW! His coat is so soft and shiny too! I will always use your body wash... and I'm also telling everyone I can about how great it is! Ruth"
Ruth, Colorado horse owner
"Skeptic that I am, I'm now sold on your Body Wash and Wound Relief!
They work great on the animals, yet, since I'm diabetic, scratches and cuts become infected easily and take a long time to heal. Now I use your Wound Relief lotion on myself .. and my hands Heal so Quickly its unbelievable!! ... and it leaves my skin soft too!!!"
Even my Doctor is impressed!"

B. J. Gaffney, CA

(note: Antimicrobials keep wounds infection free so the body can work on
the healing process instead of fighting bacteria and infections.)
B.J. Gaffney, California horse and dog owner
"Thanks soo much for sending off so quickly for me I really appreciate it!! .. and so do my customers

I wish I had of taken before and after shots of some of them.. I had no idea it was going to work as well as it has..

I have 2 very old Shihzu's that started comeing to us about 12 months before I found your products.. the owners had given up treating them as nothing the vets did worked and the skin was soo bad and inflamed you could smell them as they walked in the shop.. it made you feel sick just to touch them and they were sooo HOT all the time... their eyes were so horrible they could hardly open them and their ears were so infected you could not touch them with out them screaming and biting.. the feet were so swollen you could not see the toes and there was no hair on the legs at all.. Their faces were just a mess of scabs and black skin, there was very little hair on either dog and the skin was this Horrible black leathery look... very smelly and oily... the feet would bleed when you just tried to do the nails which was a drama as the feet were so sore....

Anyway.. as soon as your products arrived I washed these two in the wash and sprayed the worst areas like feet, chest and inside the ears etc.. when I washed them I accidently got some wash in their eyes and found that it didn't sting. (our note: the products are not recommended for use in the eyes) I soaked them for about 10 minites just to give it every chance to work. After the bath the dogs were so much happier than I'd ever seen them.

ONE MONTH LATER... they were different dogs.. the skin was looking so much better there was still a slight smell but you had to be close to them to smell it.. the skin was much softer and no longer hot.. their faces were all clear and their eyes were open and bright.. both dogs' ears had all cleared up too.. I gave them another good soak in your Canine Relief Antimicrobial Body Wash. We were able to clean out the ears and do the nails without any fuss this time. and their feet were no longer swollen and they had toes.

The Following Month both dogs have grown back all their coat and are looking like loved dogs again with NO smell or greasy skin!!! The owners have done nothing differently and all I have done is wash them monthly with your Canine Relief Antimicrobial Body Wash and spray the worst areas (with the Canine Relief Antimicrobial Spray) after they are dry... its been about 6 month now and their skin is still lovely and clear.. I just give them a bath in your wash every other month or so just to make sure but so far all is good and the owners are VERY HAPPY to have their pets so happy again and also they are now proud of them again rather than hiding them away from people...

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. I have many happy customers like these although most are not as drastic..

Wags Dog Groming Salon
Elizabeth, Wags Dog Grooming Salon - Australia

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