Equine Medicatedl Body Wash 64 oz

Equine Medicatedl Body Wash 64 oz
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This is a powerful surgical scrub to medicate wounds, cuts and suture sites to eliminate infection or as a wash to eliminate itching body mane or tail, fungus, mud fever, scratches, sarcoids, insect bites and much more.

Though it is very Powerful, it is a gentle wash that deeply penetrates the skin to eliminate bacterial contaminants and irritants. Unlike other medicated shampoos, this body wash medicates and sanitizes the dermal layers below the epidermis barrier on contact.

(remember: we all know the job of the skin is to be a barrier... yet, we also know that fungus and many bacteria *hide* under the skin's surface.  These advanced technology products are formulated to go deep so they can reach and treat the bacteria and fungus.  If you can reach it, you can treat and eliminate it.. many times with one treatment)

As easy to use as any shampoo. Though it is very gentle, it a very powerful surgical strength wash, easy to use antiseptic treatment against most forms of dermatitis and infections!  You'll be amazed at the fast results.

It does not sting, is not toxic and does not damage healthy tissue.  It also does not strip the natural oils from the hair or strip the skin's natural acid mantle.

64 oz size - Economy size (a good buy)

Also available in 16 oz and 1 Gallon sizes.

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