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Equine Relief Antimicrobials
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Equine Relief Antimicrobial Products
Fast Relief for Skin Problems!  Our customers call it Magic!"
Not a Cover-Up!  The advanced technology in our medicated skin care formulas are designed to eliminate the causes of discomfort.
All products are Guaranteed .. because they work.
These are gentle penetrating topical formulas with surgical scrub power.
Available in our Antimicrobial Wash (for full body treatment), the Antimicrobial Spray ("the Magic Blue Spray") and the Antimicrobial Wound Relief (soothing lotion)
Discounted Kits are available.
Non-Toxic.  Non-Caustic.  Easy to Use.  Not Messy.  No Staining.  No Stinging.  Safe for Animals and Handlers.

For: ♥ Itching ♥ Rain Rot ♥ Suture Sites ♥ Wounds ♥ Fungus ♥ Staph ♥ Hair Loss ♥ Infection ♥ Thrush ♥
♥ White Line Disease ♥ Insect Bites & Stings ♥ and More ♥