Canine Med. Kit for Fold Dermatitis

Canine Med. Kit for Fold Dermatitis
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Sale Price: $55.55
Compared at: $63.85
You Save: $8.30
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This set is the best way to go because it provides everything you will need. We now offer a 13% savings on this medium sized set of essentials!

Exceptionally fast and effective on not only a wide range of dermatitis, but itching feet, bacterial irritation, infection, insect bites and much more.  One treatment (wipe the area once) is usually enough to eliminate all of the bacteria that causes fold dermatitis.   For prevention, simply wipe the folds once or twice per week to keep the skin sanitized.  It's that easy!

This is the Medium sized Starter group.

It contains:

1 - 16 oz Canine Body Wash

1 - 8 oz Antimicrobial Spray and

1 - 8 oz Wound Relief.


Suggested Retail = $63.85 The discounted price is $55.55.

This advanced technology is amazingly effective and makes treatments for Fold Dermatitis very easy.  Simply wipe the folds with any of the three different solutions. (everyone has their personal preferences).    For reoccurring problems, simply wipe the folds once or twice per week to keep them sanitized as a prevention.

 For full body issues, itching, hot spots or general dermatitis, we recommend that you wash the entire dog in the Antimicrobial Body Wash - one time. (You only use it when you need it)  After drying the dog, apply some of the lotion (Wound Relief) or Antimicrobial Spray to the areas of infection.

 If you need to apply the spray near the eyes, saturate a cotton round with some of the spray and simply wipe the areas of infection. The same technique is recommended for inside the ear flaps when they need to be sanitized.  It is easy to smooth on a small amount of the Would Relief lotion a few times per week to keep the skin sanitized and prevent dermatitis from reoccurring.

It's also great for itchy dogs, itching feet, relief from grass allergies, general dog skin problems, hot spots on dogs, yeast or staph infections, flaky skin, ringworm, puncture wounds,dermatitis and infections. The spray is also great to neutralize the venom in most insect bites!

You'll find that, because the Canine Relief Antimicrobial products can penetrate deep tissue on contact, that the results are faster and much more effective than every other topical product on the market.   This technology is unique to any topical treatments that we've seen available.

 Remember, we all know that the job of the epidermis is to be a protective barrier.  Other products are only effective on the skin's surface.  The Canine Relief Antimicrobial products can reach and eliminate the deep lying causes for dermatitis, usually with one or two applications.

 The "Icing on the cake" is that they are very gentle, very powerful and easy to use treatments against most forms of bacterial (environmental) itching, dermatitis and infections. You don't have to torture your dog to provide the best solution for skin problems any more.  Your happiness is guaranteed.


We think that you'll find that these three items are the only products you'll need to combat a wide variety of disorders. Remember; Effective multi-use products like these save you money! It's the only thing you'll need!

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