Bas - Relief Ceramic Tiles

Bas - Relief Ceramic Tiles
Bas-relief ceramic horse, dog and cattle tiles
Sophisticated decor for horsemen, cattlemen and country lovers
Award winning fine art tile designs as earthy as the great outdoors
Made in the USA - All original designs

Bas-relief tiles are the distinctive path to ambience in decor.
We offer unique, all original horse and country tile designs that are only available here.
Now you who live or love the equestrian or ranch lifestyle have imagery available for your decorating needs.
Bas-relief tiles include horse centerpiece and accent tiles, saddle maker mural, reining horse mural, cow centerpiece tile, coming soon are dog tiles.

Choose your tile and then choose your glaze color here:  (link is at the bottom of the page)

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 Equine Centerpiece Bas Relief Tiles

Large Centerpiece Tiles
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These impressive sized works of art look fabulous mounted anywhere!

Each tile is aprox 8"x12" which makes the sets aprox 16"x12"

Six inch bas relief horse tile button
  6" X 6"  Accent Tiles
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These are often used with a Centerpiece tile to carry the theme throughout the room

Bas-relief Tile Murals button
Large Mural Tiles
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The elegance of a mural installed our mounted and framed on the office wall, entry wall,
kichen backsplash or the fire place, certainly makes an impressive statement.

Four Inch Tiles Button
4" X 4" Accent Tiles
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These are often used with a Centerpiece tile to carry the theme throughout the room.