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Common Dog Skin Problems
and what you can do to quickly relieve them.

Canine Relief Antimicrobials™ formulas immediately penetrate to reach the source to treat and quickly heal dog skin problems (dermatitis)
that are caused by bacteria, fungus or topical viruses found in their environment.  This includes disorders such as ringworm, hot spots, staph-
 infection, itching,  body fungus and patchy hairloss, discomfort due to allergies, yeast infections, healing wounds and suture sites and more.
These formulas literally work on contact!

Fold Dermatitis
Because the body is warm and moist, it can emulate the conditions of a petri dish.  If there are any bacterial contaminants, odds are that the bacteria will grow and spread.  Similar conditions can also result if bacteria and moisture are trapped under some dog collars.
It's easy to remedy.  Simply wash the area in the Antimicrobial Body Wash or if the area is relatively small, spray or wipe some of the Antimicrobial Spray or Antimicrobial Lotion (Wound Relief)
Below are a few photos of customers' dogs that the owners treated with samples at the booth at dog shows that we attended. 
fold dermatitis basset armpit

The owner of this Basset Hound called us after the dog show and told us that her skin issues had completely cleared up.  She had applied samples that we have available at our booth.
Below is Lovey.  Her owners took a sample at our booth at the dog show in Indio on Friday.   They returned on Saturday to buy a kit.
A month later, when we were at another dog show in Del Mar, CA, they returned so we could take photos to illustrate how helpful the Canine Relief Antimicrobials are great for Bulldogs and other dogs who suffer from fold dermatitis.
We photographed Lovey on Saturday. (the owner allowed Lovey to develop the fold dermatitis again)
.. and then we photographed her again on Sunday morning. You can see how it worked in the photos below.
English Bulldog fold dermatitis
                Rashes, Hairloss and Wounds
                The owner of this terrier said that she'd been trying unsuccessfully to get the rash on the front of his neck cleared up.
                Then, the damage on the back of his neck was caused from littermates chewing on him.
                This shows how the small amounts of the Canine Relief Antimicrobial formulas work so well.
Terrier Before treatment
Terrier After
Dog Allergies

Before you spend a lot of money on lab tests to determine if your dog has a medical condition that is causing the allergy symptoms, consider that, in fact, it could simply be environmental irritations.  The easy and inexpensive way to determine if this is the problem is to use the Canine Relief Antimicrobial™ Body Wash one time.  It will tell you if the problem is topical or (if it doesn't help) systemic.
A vast number of our customers found this is all they needed.

We know that dogs do have allergies. But the first clue that the condition might be from environment irritants is when a dog starts itching where it's body comes into contact with the ground.  

Canine Body Wash
 Canine Antimicrobial Body Wash

This is a powerful medicated treatment that penetrates into the skin ON
CONTACT to eliminate many causes of discomfort, dermatitis and fungus.
Safe and gentle to skin & hair. Use like a 'shampoo' or spot treatment.

Spot treatments do not need to be rinsed.

Uses: Itching, chewing, hot spots, sores, wounds, staph or yeast infections

Other products may treat the skin's surface, but the condition is usually
deeper below the epidermis *barrier*. The Canine Relief Antimicrobial
products have a carrier agent that can actually penetrate to the source of the problem and eliminate the bacteria ON CONTACT..

Not only is this a powerful treatment, it is Gentle, Non-Toxic and
very EASY to use.

 Hot Spots
(acute moist dermatitis)

Dog Hot spots are the unrelenting discomfort and itching of areas on the skin. You will, in many cases, see the dog scratching or chewing themselves raw or bloody trying to relieve the discomfort.

The condition can be caused by subcutaneous irritating bacteria, typically picked up from the environment.  In most cases it is easily eliminated, usually with one treatment.

We recommend that the entire animal be washed with the Canine Relief Antimicrobial™ Body Wash to assure all bacteria is eliminated from the dog's body and hair coat. This not only treats the hot spots but helps prevent any further exposure of bacteria from the fur or hair.

Once towel dried, apply a small amount of the Antimicrobial Wound Relief lotion to the open sore once or twice daily, depending on the severity of the wound.

If washing the entire animal in the Canine Relief Antimicrobial™ Body Wash is not possible, you can treat the hot spot area or wound one time with the Antimicrobial Spray. From that point foreward, simply swipe a small amount of the Wound Relief on the spot once or twice daily.

You can order our great 'Starter Kit' HERE at at 13% Discount.

The Small Body Wash and Spray set can be ordered HERE at a 10% Discount

Canine Wound Relief image

Ring Worm

Ringworm is a highly contageous fungus. (not a worm or parasite)

We recommend that the entire animal be washed with the Canine Relief Antimicrobial™ Body Wash to assure all bacteria and fungus are eliminated
 from the body and hair coat.

One wash is usually all you'll need. After the dog is dry, apply the Antimicrobial Spray once every other day until the fungus appears to be healed. 

If you prefer treating it every day, you can apply the Wound Relief
once per day,

The evidence of healing should appear within 36 to 48 hours. 

Canine Antimicrobial Spray

 Superficial bacterial folliculitis
(bumps, sores, scabs, hairloss)

This is a skin infection that can cause bumps, sores and scabs on your dog's skin. Though easier to see on short haired dogs, on longhaired dogs, common symptoms might be a dull coat, shedding and flaky skin.

The topical bacterial infection is an easy fix with the Canine Relief Antimicrobial™ Body Wash. The wash penetrates below the skin's surface to treat the deep lying bacteria.

More times than not, because the formulas kill the bacteria on contact. we recommend one wash. After the wash, simply watch the healing process over the next few days. 

If you feel an additional wash is necessary, wash the dog again.

Most physical evidence of healing can be seen within 24 to 36 hours after treatment. Bacterial caused itching usually ceases on contact. Once the dog is dry, the itching is usually completely gone.

If your dog comes in from outside and starts chewing on his feet, odds are pretty good that he simply picked up an environmental irritant. Simply wipe some of the Canine Relief Antimicrobial Body Wash (or the Antimicrobial Spray) onto his feet. No rubbing or rinsing is necessary on spot treatments. One treatment should eliminate the bacterial irritant. If it happens again with his next trip outside, repeat the same procedure. Many bacterial irritants are triggered by the seasonal weather conditions. You may notice that some seasons tend to be worse than others.

You can order what you need HERE at at 15% Discount.

The Small Body Wash and Spray set can be ordered HERE at a 12% Discount

Used by Veterinarians and are now available for you.

Uses: Fungus, Itching, chewing, hot spots, sores, wounds, staph or yeast infections

more skin condition articles are coming
About Dog Skin Conditions, Dog Allergies, Dogs Hot Spots, Itching Dogs, Yeast Infections and Staph Infections
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