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Fast Relief for Dog and Horse Skin Problems .. Guaranteed

Our customers call it "Magic"...
We call it better technology in skin care


Canine Relief

Equine Elite Labs' formulas are very different.

They have the unique ability to penetrate, reach and treat skin problems that are deep under the protective epidermis instead of 'just' treating the surface.


Because they can reach the source of the problem, less product is required
(Which makes them more cost effective!).

Our products work faster,
are easy to use
and are
gentle and non-toxic!!

Equine Relief

Canine Formulas ..

  • Eliminates Hot Spots
  • Fungus
  • Yeast
  • Staph Infections
  • Itching Body
  • Itching Feet
  • Fold Dermatitis
  • Hair Loss
  • MORE


Save 13% on
the Medium Set Now!

Both Formulas ...

  • For Treatment and Prevention
  • Very Powerful yet Gentle
  • Eliminates the cause of most
    skin disorders on Contact !
  • Preserves the natural acid mantle of the skin
  • Keeps skin soft and sterile for accelerated healing
  • Monthly use will help protect your animals from many types
    of dermatitis

Equine Formulas for...

  • Wounds - Prevents infection/proud flesh
  • Fungus, scratches, mud fever, girth itch, ringworm
  • Staph, yeast, warts, sarcoids
  • Itching, hair loss, insect bites
  • Thrush and White Line Disease
  • Available in Spray, Wash and Lotion


Save 13% on
the Medium Set Now!

We are currently experiencing problems with our freight module.
It has dropped the USPS option.  (Only UPS shows up)
We will, however, ship most orders via USPS. (Faster & Cheaper)
Your order total will be adjusted accordingly and you will be notified of the difference.
If you'd prefer to order by phone, you can call toll free: 1-877-738-2873
We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have it resolved very soon.
Equine Elite Labs products are not limited to horses and dogs, they are also very effective on other animals such as sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, and  camels.


 Attention: Sanitize your animals before seasonal
itching or skin disorders start! Wash them with the
Anti-microbial Body Wash to ease the discomfort
of insect bites too !       

Sanitize your dogs
& horses before
seasonal itching or
skin disorders start.
Wash them with the
Anti-microbial Body
Wash to ease the
discomfort of inset
bites too.

Why our formulas are Different

To begin, it's important to know that all of our products are gentle.  Yet, in independent lab tests, they have shown to have the powerful kill power of surgical scrubs against bacteria, fungi and topical viruses that you see typically used in the medical industries. The harsh surgical scrubs can be very effective against the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that they touch.. but there is nothing in their formulas to help them penetrate through the epidermis barrier to reach the cause of many common skin problems. Our products are not only gentle, non-toxic and don't sting, but they penetrate more deeply than any products we've seen available.

Many people don't actually realize that so many of these skin problems are simply associated with bacteria or fungus that an animal can pick up from its environment - walking or lying in the grass or on the ground. It is pretty common knowledge that fungus lives deep in the skin tissue.  What many people don’t realize is that bacteria that can cause itching and other forms of dermatitis can also take up residence in the deeper  ayers - below the epidermis 'barrier'.

Dog allergies are a common complaint.. however, many of our customers who thought their dog's scratching and itching was allergies, have told us that their dogs' skin problems were completely eliminated with one use of our Canine Antimicrobial Body Wash. One customer in England told us what we've come to know as a common statement: "I wish I'd found your Antimicrobial Body Wash before I'd spent thousands of dollars on vet bills and tests!" Our theory is that yes, though we know that dogs do have allergies, it's not at all uncommon that dog skin conditions can be caused by irritants in their environment. The Canine Relief Antimicrobial Body Wash is a cost effective way to rule out this possibility. Even if environmental contaminants are not the original cause of the discomfort, any time there are disruptions in the skin , the sores or scaly skin can become irritated by environmental or airborne bacteria. If this is the case, the Canine Relief Anti-microbial Body Wash can help ease the discomfort.

Hot spots on dogs and bacterial caused dog itching are easy to clear up. Because our products penetrate to the subcutaneous source that is causing the dog's itching within seconds, more times than not, you will see almost immediate relief. The products render the site as sterile as if it were washed with a surgical scrub. In the absence of bacteria or infection, the body's resources can be used toward an unimpeded rate of healing.

 The same theory holds true with the horses, llamas, alpacas, sheep and goats. When you look at skin conditions like unrelenting itching (rubbing out tails, manes and body hair), scratches (pastern dermatitis), rain rot & other body fungus, hoof thrush, white line disease, puncture or open wounds, staph infections, yeast, topical viruses like warts, etc, you might see that they’re commonly caused by bacteria, fungi and/or topical viruses.  They live in every part of our environment!  They look at skin like a wonderful warm and moist vacation spot where they can grow and flourish! The safe and easy answer is to use any of the Equine Relief Anti-microbial solutions!

Advanced Technology in Skin Care

Questions/Orders? Call Toll Free: 1 - (877) 738-2873

Phone: 1 - (209) 267-5857 * FAX: 1 - (209) 267-5858

8am - 4pm Monday - Friday, Pacific Time

We accept:
VISA cards accepted..... Master Cards accepted..... Payments by PayPal available.

and checks mailed with orders.

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Join us on Facebook
Made in America!

Stop the dermatitus, itching and rubbing, Hot Spots, chewing, ring worm and fungus on dogs on contact!
Stops infections, accelerates healing on wounds with minimal to no scarring or proud flesh!
Effective against topical Viruses!  (like herpies, HIV, salmonella)

Much more effective than "Antibacterials" (such as tea tree oil, triclosan, etc.)!

Not Magic.. just advanced Gentle Technology in Skin Care!

You've tried the rest, now try the BEST!


All information is deemed private and will not be sold
or used for any spam or solicitations.Keeping your information private is a priority.


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